Pesky Plant Trackers badge, plants and text

Become a Tracker

LAUNCH COURSETake the online training to become a citizen scientist with Pesky Plant Trackers.

The online training is free, takes about 4 hours to complete, and shows participants how to:

  • identify wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed
  • be safe around wild parsnip
  • observe seasonal change in plants by examining flowers and fruits
  • share weekly observations using Nature's Notebook

Training for Pesky Plant Trackers is online as an adaptation to COVID-19.

How the course works

Take the course at your own pace. Because the course uses cookies to save your progress, you can close the browser to take a break and reopen it to resume your study. The course runs like a slideshow on your Internet browser. As you advance through the slides, information is presented in text, images, videos, and quizzes. While there is no deadline to complete the course, completing it quickly gives you more time to participate and make valuable observations. The embedded quizzes are scored for your own use and include feedback to explain correct answers. There is no minimum "passing score" required to participate.