Self-paced training course

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Become a Pesky Plant Tracker

Become a Pesky Plant Tracker by taking the self-paced, learner-driven online course. You may launch the course at any time and no enrollment is necessary. The free course takes about 4 hours to complete.

(If you prefer to learn with staff and other volunteers, check out the "scheduled sessions".)

The course shows you how to:

  • identify wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed
  • be safe around wild parsnip
  • observe seasonal change in plants by inspecting leaves, flowers, and fruits
  • share weekly observations using Nature's Notebook

When you are ready, click button to LAUNCH COURSE

Tech needs: Take the course on an Internet-enabled computer, tablet or phone. The course runs like a slideshow on an Internet browser. Advance through slides that contain text, images, videos, and quizzes.

Tech tips: The course uses web cookies to save your progress. This means you can close the browser to take a break and reopen it to resume your study. (For optimal experience, adjust browser settings to allow cookies and consistently use the same device and browser app.)

Timing: Take the course at your own pace. Although there is no deadline, completing it quickly gives you more time to participate as an observer. Observations as early as mid-March are encouraged. However, there is no cut-off time. Start observing as soon as you are ready.

Quiz scores: The embedded quiz scores are for your own use. There is no minimum "passing score" required to participate.