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Pesky Plant Trackers is a citizen science opportunity focused on wild parsnip and knotweed. 


What are folks seeing now?

See photos from observers across Minnesota on the Community Blog.

What you see depends on where you observe. Although this makes it difficult to predict exactly what you will see when, it reinforces how important your observations are. Pesky Plants research is improved by having observers in a variety of locations. Your observations matter!

Wild parsnip

wild parsnip sep 7 2021

As of September 7, 2021:

  • Leaves: Only 26% of observations report "yes". Most wild parsnip plants that flowered have died. Younger plants are still green with leaves.
  • Flowers or flower buds: 0% of observations report "yes"
  • Ripe fruits: 8% of observations report "yes"
  • Recent fruit drop: 8% of observations report "yes"


knotweed Sep 7 2021

As of September 7, 2021

  • Leaves: About 97% of observations report "yes"
  • Flowers or flower buds: 46% of observations report "yes"
  • Open flowers: 33% of observations report "yes"
  • Fruits: Seeing fruits this early is very rare