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Take the course

LAUNCH COURSETake the online training to become a citizen scientist with Pesky Plant Trackers.

The online training is free, takes about 4 hours to complete, and shows participants how to:

  • identify wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed
  • be safe around wild parsnip
  • observe seasonal change in plants by examining flowers and fruits
  • share weekly observations using Nature's Notebook

Training for Pesky Plant Trackers is online as an adaptation to COVID-19.

Track pesky plants

The third step is to participate in training, join Nature's Notebook, and track your plants. Click here to launch the online course and become a trained citizen scientist.

Saftey resources

Click here for safety information and resources.

Identify pesky plants

The second step is to learn to identify these plants with confidence and distinguish them from similar plants. Follow this link for identification resources.

Find pesky plants near me

The first step to participate is finding plants located close to where you live, work, or regularly visit. Planning ahead will make future observations easy. Follow this link for tips and tools to help you search your local environment for wild parsnip and/or Japanese knotweed plants you can track.