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Pesky Plant Trackers is a new citizen science opportunity focused on two non-native plants, wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed.

By joining Pesky Plant Trackers, you can:

  • learn to identify these plants
  • share weekly observations on Nature's Notebook
  • and contribute to the restoration of Minnesota environments


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Citizen scientists observing plants. Photo by Dr. Stephan Carlson
Citizen scientists observing seasonal change in plants. Photo by Dr. Stephan Carlson


Wild parsnip & Japanese knotweed

Wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed are particularly pesky plants, causing problems for people and wildlife. In Minnesota, both plants are prohibited noxious weeds. To control these plants, we need more precise information about when they develop flowers, fruits and seeds. You can help gather that information by becoming a Pesky Plant Tracker.

Wild parsnip

Wild parsnip flowers

Photo by Charlie Day via Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0
Japanese knotweed flowers

Japanese knotweed flowers

Minn Dept of Ag