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Welcome, Volunteers!

Pesky Plant Trackers is a citizen science opportunity focused on two non-native plants, wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed. Learn how to participate here.

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Winter Activities

Training: Winter is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming season. (Outdoor observations begin as early as mid-March.) Learn to volunteer by taking the self-paced course or attending the scheduled sessions.

Locate plants: Check out new resources on how to find and identify wild parsnip and knotweed plants during the fall and winter!

Wild parsnip (dead plant) in winter. Photo by Matt Osborne via iNaturalist.
Bohemian knotweed in March 2020
Bohemian knotweed in March 2020. Photo by Abbie Anderson

Project background

Wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed are particularly pesky plants. In Minnesota, both plants are Noxious Weeds on the Prohibited-Control list. Professionals who manage these plants need more information about when they develop leaves, flowers, and fruits. You can help gather that information by volunteering with Pesky Plant Trackers.

Wild parsnip

Wild parsnip flowers

Photo by Charlie Day via Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0
Japanese knotweed flowers

Japanese knotweed flowers

Minn Dept of Ag

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